Landungsbrücken Frankfurt


multidisciplinary performance by Burchard und Orkolainen

The room is interconnected by ropes, the ropes are knotted with objects. Objects networked through sounds, etc.
We are interwoven and vulnerable. The spider woman’s web attempts through installation, performance, music, indoors and outdoors, to get to the bottom of current political, sociological, scientific topics.

To get to the bottom.

Things, thoughts, spaces, and sound are interwoven, threads are picked up and dropped again.

Dropped again.

Like a net or a subterranean root system, this research project, in content and form, is supposed to explore interconnectedness and interweaving. This has to happen on different levels: through performance, installation, conversations, sound, and body.


Performer: Anna Orkolainen
Choreography and costume: Anna Orkolainen
Music: Marja Burchard
Installation: Marja Burchard, Anna Orkolainen

Stand jetzt gilt an den Landungsbrücken eine dringende Maskenempfehlung im Innenraum