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Tirzah ist eins der aufregendsten neuen Talente der Londoner Post-Grime und UK Garage Szene. Ihr Debütalbum „Devotion“ folgt einer Reihe von EP Releases auf dem Hot Chip Label Greco-Roman und ist eine Downbeat Exkursion in das stimmungsvolle Innenleben einer begabten Texterin. Produziert und geschrieben wurde das Album wie auch schon die EPs zusammen mit Tirzahs langjährige Freundin und Kollaborateurin Mica Levi alias Micachu. Der Spiegel beschrieb ihren Sound bereits als den intimsten und reduziertesten R&B-Sound, den man seit The xx gehört hat.

2013 veröffentlichte Tirzah ihre Debütsingle „I’m not Dancing“, eine Single mit rauen Garage Beats, schräge Samples und energetischen RnB Melodien. Fast zwei Jahrzehnte arbeiteten Tirzah und Micachu an „Devotion“. Angefangen hat alles, als beide noch die Purcell School for Young Musicians in Watford besuchten. Offiziell studierten sie Violine und Harfe. Inoffiziell produzierte Micachu ihre ersten eigenen Electronic-Beats und Tirzah lieferte die passende Stimme dazu. „Devotation“ ist die Antwort auf die Frage, wie zeitgenössischer britischer RnB klingen muss. In den einzelnen Songs des Albums finden sich immer wieder Einflüsse und Neuinterpretationen aus Soul, TripHop und House.

Tirzah wird ihr Konzert als Opening Act von 16 Jahre Tanzhaus spielen (Line Up tba). Tickets sind als Konzert Solo oder Kombiticket mit Party im Anschluss erhältlich.


Tirzah the artist is an idea that’s hard to hold on to. The Essex-born performer has been at the centre of the vital post-grime and UK garage sound of London for the better half a decade but it’s only now that her work has come to full fruition. Devotion is years in the making, recorded mostly in the shared houses and makeshift studios of her South London crew of artists and friends, all while life – and love – happened in the meantime. The full-length album is writt-n and produced with musician, composer and childhood friend, Micachu, and it’s a downbeat excursion into the moody inner life of an unusually talented lyricist. Track titles like ‘Gladly,’ ‘Guilty’ and ‘Reach’ reveal their emotional tone with a single word, while Micachu’s dilapidated beats underscore the brittle nature of desire and romance.

This playfully DIY approach to the project reaches in to Tirzah and Micachu’s audiovisual aesthetic and goes out as far back as their long-time friendship. Almost two decades in the making, the duo’s collaboration started during their school days at Watford’s Purcell School for Young Musicians. Officially, they each studied harp and viola respectively. Unofficially, Micachu was teaching herself electronic music production and Tirzah was lending her voice to it. One rare early demo is a song called ‘Go Now,’ reworked and reappearing on Devotion as a powerful standout giving space to Tirzah’s silky-smooth vocal inflections.

It’s in this updated version of ‘Go Now’ where you can really hear the soul and gospel influences of Tirzah’s surprising inspirations in Al Green, Barry White and D’Angelo. There’s an understatement, though, a vulnerability that is unique to her own songwriting, where a simple four syllables, like “I want your arms,” can speak volumes on loss and longing. “It’s pretty hard because, to me, it usually makes more sense a while afterwards than at the time of writing it,” she says about her instinctual creative process that often leaves her feeling vulnerable and exposed. That’s where Tirzah’s perspective on the continued combativeness of her work rings true. There’s a peculiar duality to the sound of Devotion, crossing genres, themes and approaches, and offering a listener a series of glimpses into a depth of emotion, while never quite fully revealing itself. It’s that tough exterior protecting an extremely sensitive soul– a true intimacy.

Tirzah will play her concert as opening acts of 16 years Tanzhaus West (Line Up tba). Tickets are available for the concert solo or as combined ticket with party afterwards.

Einlass 20:30 | Beginn 21:15 Uhr